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  • 14 Apr 2021 2:04 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    The 2021 IPOS Members meeting has been scheduled for June 29, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. ET (New York/Toronto). Verify your time zone by going to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.

    This year, the AGM will be held via Zoom. Access information will be included in registrant confirmation.

    Advance copy of the meeting materials will be emailed to all registrants closer to the date of the AGM. They will include:
    • Annual Meeting Agenda
    • 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
    • 2020 Financial Report
    • 2020 Membership Report

    As this was an election year as the board, the newly elected board of directors as well as your current board of directors will be present. 

    Please note that only current members of IPOS can register/participate. We need a quorum of at least 124 voting members (either in person or by proxy) in order to proceed. Of our members, only individuals holding an “Active” or “Early Career” membership can vote. 

    If you are unable to attend hold an “Active” or “Early Career” type of membership, you are encouraged to submit a proxy in advance. Proxies can be completed electronically at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IPOSAGMProxy2021

    To review the IPOS Constitution, please go to https://ipos-society.org/about/organization.


  • 13 Apr 2021 8:45 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Thanks to all the nominees for the 2021-2023 IPOS Board of Directors. Thanks also to all the IPOS eligible voting members. We had a record-breaking voter response.

    The below will the the official board of directors as of June 29 for 2021-2023:

    • President: Thomas Hack (Canada)
    • Past President: Jane Turner (Australia)
    • Vice President: Wendy Wing Tak Lam (Hong Kong)
    • Secretary: Csaba László Dégi (Romania)
    • Treasurer: Chioma Asuzu (Nigeria)
    • Early Career Director: Lauren Heathcote (USA)
    • Cristiane Decat Bergerot (Brazil)
    • Jayita Deodhar (India)
    • Tania Estapé (Spain)
    • Melissa Henry (Canada)
    • Philip Ouma Odiyo (Kenya)
    • Patricia Parker (USA)

  • 5 Apr 2021 4:33 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Position Summary:

    The Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill University is accepting applications for a postdoctoral fellow position in research on mental health and social determinants of health in oncology. This position will be based at the Lady-Davis Institute for Medical Research of the Jewish General Hospital. This position offers a unique opportunity to work within a collaborative team-oriented research environment in a world-class facility affiliated with a premier Canadian University. Under the supervision of Dr. Henry, the successful candidate will use longitudinal and experimental methods to study factors and interventions aimed at improving quality of life and reducing health disparities in cancer patients.


    Candidates must hold a recently obtained relevant PhD or equivalent degree, received within the past three years.


    • Familiarity and/or experience with longitudinal studies, interventional studies, and randomized controlled trials;

    • Background in oncology or chronic medical conditions;

    • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work independently, while contributing to the efforts of a larger research team;

    • Ability to design and carry out research independently;

    • Exceptional computational skills;

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

    The candidates will be expected to give oral presentations and take part in writing manuscripts, grant proposals, and project reports. The Lady-Davis Institute (LDI) for Medical Research of the Jewish General Hospital is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University. The LDI campus offers an outstanding scientific and patient-oriented research environment with state-of-the-art facilities.

    For additional information related to the application as a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University, please refer to: https://www.mcgill.ca/gps/postdocs/fellows/registration/eligibility. A postdoctoral trainee cannot register (or remain registered) with McGill’s Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies if 5 or more years have elapsed since their PhD or equivalent degree.

    Supervisor: Dr. Melissa Henry (Associate Professor)

    Work Location: Lady-Davis Institute for Medical Research of the Jewish General Hospital

    Position Start Date: As soon as possible

    Position End Date: 2 years duration

    Annual Salary: Salary is $45,000/annum (Full-time: 35-hour per week)

  • 26 Mar 2021 10:10 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    100 FORwards members!

    Earlier this month, we reached our 100th FORwards SIG member. Daelin Coutts-Bain, our 100th member, is a PhD student at the University of Sydney. Daelin’s PhD research is under the supervision of FORwards member Louise Sharpe and focuses on cognitive mechanisms of fear of cancer recurrence and fear of cancer progression. We are thrilled to see our membership grow substantially over the last two years and are looking forward to welcoming more new members in 2021.

    Call for New FORwards Committee Members

    Are you interested in and passionate about contributing to fear of cancer recurrence research at a global level? The IPOS FORwards SIG committee for 2021-2023 will be formed at the IPOS ASM in May, and we are looking for new representatives. There are four open positions:

    • Chair: Open [nominee: Marije van der Lee]
    • Deputy Chair: Open [nominee: Lauren Heathcote]
    • Secretary: Open
    • Early Career Rep: Open

    Please contact the FORwards secretary, Lauren Heathcote, at [email protected] to nominate yourself or another FORwards member.

    Two new FORwards Webinar Recordings, Now Available Online

    A picture containing drawing Description automatically generatedImage

    Since the last update, we held two more webinars as part of the Fear of Recurrence Webinar Series: Group-based Interventions for Fear of Cancer Recurrence (December 2020) and Innovations in Screening for Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Progression (March 2021). Each webinar was attended by over 60 researchers and clinicians from around the world. The full recordings are now available through the IPOS website and are free to current IPOS members or $15 USD for non-members: https://www.ipos-society.org/webcasts

    Conquer Fear Masterclass in Russia

    Congratulations to FORwards member Evgeniia Ananeva, who led the successful launch of a new training program for clinicians to deliver the Conquer Fear intervention in Russia. The adaptation of the Conquer Fear materials into Russian was made possible through a collaboration between several FORwards members, including Phillis Butow, Jane Turner, Sébastien Simard, and Tania Estape. For those interested in learning more about the Conquer Fear intervention, and other interventions to reduce fear of cancer recurrence, there will be a workshop on treating FCR at the upcoming IPOS ASM.

    FCR Research

    FORwards members have been hard at work publishing new papers on fear of cancer recurrence and progression over the last few months. Below is a small selection of new papers from our SIG members. 

    Gormley, M., Knobf, T., Vorderstrasse, A., Aouizerat, B., Hammer, M., Fletcher, J., & D’Eramo Melkus, G. (2020). Exploring the Effects of Genomic Testing on Fear of Cancer Recurrence among Breast Cancer Survivors. PsychoOncology.

    Braun, S. E., Aslanzadeh, F. J., Thacker, L., & Loughan, A. R. (2021). Examining Fear of Cancer Recurrence in Primary Brain Tumor Patients and Their Caregivers Using the ActorPartner Interdependence Model. PsychoOncology.

    Cunningham, S. J., Patton, M., Schulte, F., Richardson, P. A., & Heathcote, L. C. (2021). Worry about somatic symptoms as a sign of cancer recurrence: prevalence and associations with fear of recurrence and quality of life in survivors of childhood cancer

    Pradhan, P., Sharpe, L., Butow, P. N., Smith, A. B., & Russell, H. (2021). Is a brief online booklet sufficient to reduce fear of cancer recurrence or progression in women with ovarian cancer?. Frontiers in Psychology12.

    Shaw, J., Kamphuis, H., Sharpe, L., Lebel, S., Smith, A. B., Hulbert-Williams, N. J., ... & Butow, P. N. (2021). Setting an International Research Agenda for Fear of Cancer Recurrence: an online delphi consensus study. Frontiers in psychology12, 241.

    If you would like to include an update in the Spring newsletter, or know a student or colleague who would like to join this SIG, please reach out to Lauren Heathcote (FORwards Secretary) at [email protected]

    Thank you all for the phenomenal work that you do to support people living with and beyond cancer.

    Kind regards,

    Your FORwards committee

    Chair: Ben Smith

    Deputy Chair: Marije van der Lee

    Secretary: Lauren Heathcote

    Early Career Rep: Brittany Mustaers

  • 14 Mar 2021 3:41 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Training in Russia on "How to help patients to cope with FCR" was held virtually in January 2021.

    There were 15 participators from across Russia, from Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Far East) to Moscow. The program consisted of two days of online theory and practice masterclasses. All attendees work with patients and help them to grapple with FCR, online and face-to-face in their cities.

    Help was appreciated from:

    • Phillis Butow and Jane Turner who provided additional materials that helped to create the practice part of the training.
    • Sebastien Simard for provider permission to translate into Russian and use the FCRI.
    • Tania Estapé for helping create this training for Russian psychologists. 

    Best regards, Evgeniia Ananeva

  • 12 Mar 2021 4:47 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Thursday, April 29, 2021, 8 to 9 p.m. ET Live webcast via Zoom

    Featuring: Dr Maria Ftanou

    Dr Maria Ftanou is the head of the Clinical Psychology Department at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne and a Research Fellow at the School of Population and Global Health at The University of Melbourne. Maria has over 17 years of clinical experience, primarily in the field of psychosocial oncology. She and her team provide evidence-based psychological interventions to people with cancer and their families across the cancer trajectory.

    Advanced registration is required. This event is LIVE. Be sure to check your local time zone by going to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

    • Free to current IPOS members
    • $10 USD for non-members

    Register online by going to https://ipos-society.org/event-4213024


    • Access information will be provided in your registration confirmation.
    • Please do not share the link.

  • 22 Feb 2021 1:53 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Cancer Coaching Professional Certificate  

    This online certificate is developed for health professionals who want to help clients effectively self-manage care, across phases in the cancer continuum. Develop skills as a cancer coach to engage and motivate cancer populations to improve disease outcomes and health recovery. 

    Attention IPOS members – Register before May 2021 and Get 10% off in our program - email [email protected] to get the promo code. 

    To learn more contact us at [email protected] OR +1 416 736 2100 ext 22170 

    This program is offered by the Health Leadership & Learning Network , which offers lifelong learning for health and social service staff and managers within the Faculty of Health at York University in Canada.

  • 17 Feb 2021 1:09 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Webinar Innovations in screening and assessment of fear of cancer recurrence and progression

    Date March 12, 2021 (-1 day for those outside of Australia/NZ)
    Time 8:30am AEDT (convert to your local time)

    Duration 60 minutes

    Ben Smith, PhD, University of New South Wales
    Yasmin Youssef, PhD, University Medical Centre Leipzig
    Daelin Coutts-Bain, University of Sydney

    Louise Sharpe, PhD, University of Sydney

    The FORwards Webinar Series aims to bring together the international community of researchers and clinicians interested in fear of cancer recurrence, to provide cutting-edge updates on brand-spanking new research, and to spark conversations and collaborative projects across the globe.

    This webinar will be of interest to both clinicians and researchers who want to better understand and manage FCR in people living with cancer and their loved ones. 

     Attendance is free, but registration is required 

    Register online by going to https://stanford.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ilEr5MwSR-O2PVzU3pebeQ

  • 12 Jan 2021 1:46 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    IPOS is now accepting nominations from active members to be on the Board of Directors. Individuals with a current “Active” membership from across the globe are encouraged to submit nominations for the volunteer Board positions noted below. Individuals with an “Early Career” membership are encouraged to submit for the Early Career Director position.

    The following positions are open for nomination:

    1.     One Vice-President position

    2.     One Secretary position

    3.     One Treasurer position

    4.     Seven individual Director positions:

    • One or more Directors from Eastern Europe, India, Russia or Africa.
    • One or more Directors from Asia/Pacific.
    • One or more Directors from North America.
    • One or more Directors from Northern Europe, Western Europe or the United Kingdom.
    • One or more Directors from Latin or Central America.
    • One Early Career Director.

    Important items to note about the positions open for nomination:

    • Current and in-coming board members are required to attend the annual IPOS World Congress for 2021, 2022 and 2023 at their own expense.
    • Board members are required to co-chair one or more IPOS committees/special interest groups. Details on committees/special interest groups can be found by going to https://ipos-society.org/about/sigs.
    • To seek nomination for the office of Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer, the member must have served, at some point in time, a minimum of one term on the IPOS Board of Directors.
    • For individuals considering submitting for Vice-President, please note the succession pattern shall be such that an individual so elected shall serve one term as Vice-President, one term as President and one term as Past President, for a total of six successive years.
    • A Director can serve in the role of Secretary or Treasurer for a maximum of two terms after which they must be elected to the role of Vice-President to remain on the Board.
    • For the Early Career Position, individuals can only hold this position for one term of two years. For those submitting a nomination for this position, the individual must have an “Early Career” type of membership with IPOS.

    Important Nomination and Election Timelines:

    • Release of call for nominations: January 12, 2021
    • Nomination Deadline – March 1, 2021
    • Ballots to be issued to all voting members – March 20, 2021
    • Voting Closes – April 6, 2021
    • June 2021 – IPOS Virtual Annual General Meeting (new board confirmed).

    Helpful Links:

    NEW in 2021!
    We’ve made the nomination process much easier. Nominations are to be submitted online by March 1, 2021.

    Submit your nomination by going to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IPOSNomination2021

    Before submitting your nomination online, you must have the following ready to submit:

    1.     Decide which position you wish to seek nomination for:

                    i.         Vice-President

                   ii.         Secretary

                  iii.         Treasurer

                 iv.         One of the seven Director positions

    2.     Name and email address of one ACTIVE member that has offered to support your nomination.

    3.     Point form highlights of your experience with IPOS.

    4.     Current Biography - brief 100 to 200 words maximum.

    5.     Candidate Statement - outline of why you want to serve on the IPOS board and your election platform. 100 to 300 words maximum.

    6.     Email a jpg photo of yourself within 48 hours of submitting your nomination online to [email protected].

    Items 3 to 6 above will be used in the Election package issued to all current eligible voting IPOS members on March 20, 2021.


    Vice-President (President- Elect):

    The Vice-President is the President Elect. This position involves a six-year commitment to the IPOS Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The succession pattern shall be such that an individual so elected shall serve one term as Vice-President, one term as President and one term as Past President, for a total of six successive years. To seek nomination for the office of Vice-President the member must have served, at some point in time, a minimum of one term on the Board of Directors.


    This position is for a two-year term on the Board of Directors and on the Executive Committee. IPOS employs a management company to handle everyday financial and accounting reporting. The Treasurer works with the management company to ensure records are maintained in compliance with regulatory requirements. They shall make recommendations regarding budget and provide periodic finance reports to the Executive Committee and to the Board of Directors. When it deems such action to be desirable, it shall also make recommendations regarding the Society’s financial policy. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for confirming the counting of votes in the mail ballots used in elections. To seek nomination for the office of Treasurer the member must have served, at some point in time, a minimum of one term on the Board of Directors.


    This position is for a two-year term on the Board of Directors and on the Executive Committee. IPOS employs a management company to handle everyday secretarial and compliance reporting. The Secretary also works with the management company to ensure records are maintained in compliance with regulatory requirements. To seek nomination for the office of Secretary the member must have served, at some point in time, a minimum of one term on the Board of Directors.

    Six Individual Directors:

    Each position is for a two-year term on the Board of Directors. Directors shall reflect an international and multidisciplinary composition and function as the governing body of the Society. The primary responsibility of the Directors shall be to establish the policies of the Society. The Directors shall also monitor the activities of the Society to ensure compliance with, and progress toward the achievement of, those policies. The IPOS Constitution allows the Board to work towards ensuring appropriate geographical representation.

    One Early Career Director:

    This position is for a two-year term on the Board of Directors and can only be held by a Early Career member. The Early Career Director role is to ensure the interests of career professional’s interest are advanced. In the event that during their elected term, they transition to Active Member status, as per Article III Section 5 of this bylaw, they shall continue to complete the remainder of their elected term. No one member shall hold the position of Early Career Director for more than one term.


    1.     The primary language IPOS operates in is English.

    2.     The Board of Directors meet at a minimum every six months with all Directors expected to participate. Meetings are held via Zoom/Google hangouts, with at least one meeting being in person. IPOS does not reimburse costs for attending or participating in meetings.

    3.     The Executive Committee meets as the need arises via zoom/Google hangouts.

    4.     Both the Board of Directors and Executive Committee are expected to closely monitor the activities of the Society and provide support as needed.

    5.     Elected individuals are required to attend in person the Board meetings held in conjunction with the World Congress in 2021, 2022 and 2023, unless the World Congress is held virtually.”

    6.     All Board of Directors and Executive Committee members are expected to co-chair on a minimum of one IPOS committee (https://www.ipos-society.org/about/sigs).

    7.     Familiarity with the Society’s Constitution and Organization Structure is required: https://www.ipos-society.org/about/organization.

    8.     The IPOS Board is considered a “working” Board, which requires directors to take on responsibilities beyond board meetings. This may include, but not limited to, supporting committee initiatives, working on agreed upon special projects, special initiatives and outreach to other organizations to further the IPOS mandate.

    Questions/Comments? Please direct them to [email protected]

  • 14 Dec 2020 3:27 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    A Message from IPOS President, Dr. Jane Turner.

    On behalf of the IPOS management and Board we wish all good tidings for the holiday season. The IPOS office will be closed on December 24, 2020 and will reopen on January 4, 2021. Please note the IPOS office will not have access to phone, fax or email while closed for the holidays. We will do our best to respond to all messages within two business days of the office reopening. Also note many of our Board members will not have access to email over the holidays.

    Over the holidays, members and non-members will still be able to purchase recordings of many of our events online while the office is closed. The email confirmation/receipt issued after purchase will provide the link to access the recordings. Membership Applications and Renewals can also be submitted securely online over the holidays. 
    Best wishes for a safe holiday season.

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