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Standing Committee & Special Interest Group (SIG) Chairs

(last updated on January 15, 2019)

Awards Committee
Christoffer Johansen (Chair 2017 – 2019) – Denmark
The Awards Committee facilitates the recognition of significant contributions in the field and manages the selection process for award winners.

Communications Committee
Gil Goldzweig (Co-Chair 2016 – 2019) – Israel
Juhee Cho (Co-Chair 2019 – 2020) – South Korea
This Committee develops publishing opportunities, manages the written and web-based publications of the Society, and addresses all matters related to the IPOS Press. The Committee oversees procedures for maintaining accurate and current content on the website that will serve the professionals of the cancer care community. The Committee also oversees the process of website content updates.

Council of Past Presidents Committee
David Kissane (Chair 2015 – 2017) – Australia
The Council of Past Presidents serves as a valued resource to advance the development of the discipline through both IPOS and the IPOS Federation.

Early Career Professionals in Psycho-Oncology (ECPP) Committee
Sigrun Vehling (Chair 2017-2019) – Germany
Michelle Peate (Deputy Chair 2017-2019) – Australia
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This special interest group brings together and represents the interests of IPOS members who are early in their career and wants to provide a platform through which they can find and support each other.

Education Committee
Elisabeth Andritsch (Chair 2016 – 2018) – Austria
The Education Committee facilitates the educational goals of the society through World Congress offerings, Annual and Special Academies, web-based training and any other educational opportunities as may arise.

Federation Committee
Luigi Grassi (Co-Chair) – Italy
Luzia Travado (Co-Chair) – Portugal
The Federation includes the President of each national or regional organization that has joined the IPOS Federation. The Federation meets at each World Congress to share information and programs that have been successful in the prior year.

Fundraising and Marketing Committee
Melissa Henry (Chair 2016 – 2018) – Canada
Fundraising and marketing the IPOS brand are critical to the financial success of IPOS. Volunteers are welcome to join this Committee to support IPOS efforts at soliciting adequate funds to support the mission, vision and strategic plan of the society.

Governance Committee
Jane Turner (Co-Chair 2017 –2019) – Australia
The members of the Governance Committee assist the Board and all Committees, SIGs and Task Forces to carry out their responsibilities by following appropriate governance models that are suitable to the IPOS NGO status.

Guidelines Committee
Jane Turner (Chair 2017-2019) – Australia
The Guidelines Committee promotes the use of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to improve quality of psychosocial care internationally in accordance with the IPOS standard of care.

Health Promotion & Prevention Committee
Zeev Rosberger (Chair 2016 – 2018) – Canada
The mandate of the Health Promotion & Prevention Committee is to promote and develop primary, secondary and tertiary preventive initiatives in cancer and cancer care, advocating the importance and appropriateness of developing and implementing prevention as opposed to remediation strategies wherever and whenever possible regarding cancer as part of the skills set of psycho-oncology and facilitating prevention approaches in practice, research and collaboration.

Membership Committee
Daisuke Fujisawa (Chair 2017 –2019) – Japan
The Membership Committee fosters the growth, development and retention of engaged professionals from all psycho-oncology-related disciplines.

Nominating Committee
Luzia Travado (Chair 2017 – 2019) – Portugal
This Committee is chaired by the immediate Past President and includes members of the society. The Committee develops a slate of candidates (appropriately representing our geographic, professional and gender diversity) to serve as elected officers and directors of the society, and also oversees the annual election process.

Research Committee
Nick Hulbert-Williams (Chair 2017 –2019) – United Kingdom
Jo Shaw (Deputy Chair) – Australia
This Committee facilitates research activities of international scope and significance, addressing cross-cultural differences, with an emphasis on the challenges of developing countries. The Committee is developing and maintaining a clearinghouse of resources to support psycho-oncology researchers.

World Congress Committee
Luzia Travado (Chair 2017 – 2019) – Portugal
The members of this Committee are prior and the current World Congress Chairs. The mandate of this Committee is to identify and propose potential World Congress locations and to manage the process of site and co-sponsor selection.

WHO – World Health Organization Committee
Jane Turner (Co-Chair 2017 – 2019) – Australia
This Committee is responsible for managing our relationship with the World Health Organization and to collaborate in WHO programmes to further health-for-all goals.

Special Interest Groups (SIG) Chairs

IPOS also has Special Interest Groups in the following specialty areas. Membership in a SIG is open to anyone with an interest in the subject area – members are welcome to join one or more, or to propose any other area that the member feels would benefit the professional members of IPOS

Cancer and Aging: Reflection for Elders (CARE)
Afaf Girgis (Co-Chair 2017 – 2018) – Australia
Sylvie Lambert (Co-Chair 2017 – 2018) – Canada
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In response to the rapid growth of the aging population diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, the mandate of the Cancer and Aging: Reflection for Elders (CARE) SIG is to promote global collaborations among researchers, clinicians, and decision makers to improve outcomes for these groups.

Tania Estape (Chair 2017 – 2019) – Spain
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This special interest groups is focused on exploring and advancing E-health activities that relate to psychosocial oncology.

Fear of Cancer Recurrence Special Interest Group (FORwards)
Sophie Lebel (Chair 2017 – 2019) – Canada
Allan (Ben) Smith (Deputy Chair 2017 – 2019) – Australia
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This special interest group provides an interactive professional network for IPOS members with a special interest in Fear of Cancer Recurrence.

Human Rights Task Force
Gil Goldzweig (Chair 2016 – 2018) – Israel

Latin American/Spanish Special Interest Group (LASSIG)
Maria Die Trill (Chair 2017-2019)
Lea Baider (Co-Chair 2017-2019)
Xiomara Rocha-Cadman (Co-Chair 2017-2019)
The main objective of the LASSIG is to foster the science and practice of psycho-oncology in Spanish-speaking countries, in order to improve the care of cancer patients, and aide in the development of professional networks to exchange clinical and research-related knowledge as well as scientific material in Spanish.

Low and Medium Income Countries (LMIC)
Chioma Asuzu (Chair 2016 –2018) – Nigeria
To identify problem areas of LMIC in psycho-oncology compared with the western world where psycho-oncology has become relatively well developed. To articulate broad strategies for overcoming these problems in these countries. To encourage the development of psycho-oncology training and services in these countries as well as regional and national associations for the promotion of the practices in these countries. To develop other South-South and North-South linkages and affiliations and programmes for the furtherance of psycho-oncology in these regions and countries of the world. To encourage the participation of these young psycho-oncology practitioners from these LMIC countries in the activities of IPOS.

Claire Wakefield (Chair 2016 – 2018) – Australia
This special interest group brings together and represents the interests of IPOS members who work with children and adolescents with cancer and their family members.

IPOS Psychosocial Onco-Policy Task Force
Paul Jacobsen (Chair 2016 – 2018) – United States

NGO Affiliation Task Forces

ECCO – European CanCer Organization: Marie Die-Trill
European Partnership for Action Against Cancer: Luzia Travado
U.S. National Cancer Institute: Paul Jacobsen
Union for International Cancer Control: Jane Turner

Any member who supports the recognition of psychosocial cancer care as a human right, is invited to join other like-minded professionals to further this important mission.

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