The Federation Board shall be comprised of the President of each Federation Member or his/her representative. The purpose of the Federation Board shall be to facilitate discussion, cross-cultural collaboration and programs to improve psycho-oncology care on a global level.  Each confirmed Federation Member shall enjoy the following benefits:

  • Each IPOS Federation Member shall be represented on the Federation Board by its President or a designee of the President.
  • Each IPOS Federation Member representative shall have a single vote on any issue brought before the Federation Board;
  • The Federation Board shall be provided with meeting space and time at each IPOS World Congress of Psycho-Oncology;
  • IPOS shall provide for a private work space for the Federation Members on the IPOS website;
  • Federation Members shall be eligible to partner with IPOS to co-sponsor an IPOS World Congress in their country or region, which will help to raise awareness of psycho-oncology in that country or region and allow it to receive a portion of the Congress profits; final decisions about World Congress partnerships shall be made by the IPOS Board of Directors;
  • Upon application to and approval by the IPOS Board of Directors, the IPOS logo may be used by the Federation Members to promote their activities and events related to psychosocial oncology. However, the IPOS Federation logo cannot be used when making any form of statement directed towards fundraising initiatives, without the prior approval of the IPOS Board of Directors.

  • With approval of the Federation Member representative, the Federation Member’s logo may be incorporated into IPOS World Congress materials, designating the Federation Member as a Federated Member Cosponsor of the Congress and thereby giving it recognition and publicity before an international audience;
  • IPOS may assist in the preparation and dissemination of material (e.g. guidelines and standards) and documents (e.g. position statements, legislation, etc.) for use by the Federation Members; and
  • IPOS shall facilitate connections with other organizations outside of the Federation for research, clinical care and training.

Please note that the members within IPOS Federation members are not considered members of IPOS. Membership with IPOS is based on individuals practicing psycho-oncology. For more information on membership with IPOS, please go to

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