• 27 Oct 2020 10:09 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Communication skills training for healthcare providers caring for older adults with cancer mskcc.org/aging

    Date & Location

    Thursday, December 3, 2020, 8:00 AM - Friday, December 4, 2020, 5:00 PM, Online, (EST), New York, NY


    Specialties - Behavioral Care, General and Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine, Hematology, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Hospitalist, Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities, Integrative Medicine, Nurse Practitioner, Nursing, Oncology and Hematology, Physician Assistant, Social Work


  • 26 Oct 2020 1:25 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    We have been monitoring the progression of COVID-19 globally and have considered all aspects and impacts on the 22nd IPOS World Congress. The safety and health of participants are our first priority. Given the circumstances, it has been decided the 22nd World Congress of Psycho-Oncology & Psychosocial Academy will be 100% VIRTUAL. The dates/schedule will remain the same.

    What does this mean for you?

    • MORE AFFORDABLE! THE Congress pricing is being adjusted to reflect the virtual experience. The fees are being lowered. Plus, you get to avoid any travel/accommodation expenses!
    • MORE ACCESSIBLE! WATCH FROM ANYWHERE YOU WANT! Your home, office, park or favorite spot! Get comfortable and participate from wherever you want – you just need to make sure you have strong internet connection.
    • MISS NOTHING – WATCH IT ALL! When in person, registrants have to select which sessions to watch – often missing other sessions happening at the same time. Being virtual, all will be recorded and made available. YOU CAN WATCH AND LEARN FROM IT ALL!
    • STAY SAFE – No need to worry about being in a large room in close proximity to other attendees.
    • CONNECT VIRTUALLY – you will still have the opportunity to connect virtually with participants from around the world!

    Congress Schedule

    • Wednesday May 26th 2021: IPOS Academy Workshops
    • Thursday May 27th 2021: IPOS 2021 Day1
    • Friday May 28th 2021: IPOS 2021 Day2
    • Saturday May 29th 2021: IPOS 2021 Day3

    Congress Sessions

    • The majority of sessions will be pre-recorded and be released for reviewing by registrants starting on the 26th.
    • Several LIVE sessions will be available and be held between the days of May 26th-29th. The agenda will note the date/times of each live session.
    • In February/March, details on how to join the LIVE sessions will be included in the program. Be sure to watch for.

    Academy Workshops

    Most of the approved workshops will be offered live and virtually. To attend Workshops, you must register for 10,000 JPN. New changes about the workshop program and how to attend will be updated in November-December. Please follow up on the workshop page.

    Call for Workshop Proposals from October 22nd to November 5th, 2020
    Please read https://ipos2020.com/ipos2021/workshops/ before signing up.

    Congress Programs

    Recorded sessions will be released starting on May 26th and be available for viewing by registrants until August 31, 2021. The secretariat will contact presenters about recording with the guidelines being sent to presenters in January.

    • All Oral and Poster sessions will be self-recorded. Recordings are to be submitted to the Congress secretariat from February 1 to March, 31 2021.
    • Concurrent sessions (Symposia and Awards) will be mainly pre-recorded.
    • Questions from participants will be accepted for one week after the congress (TBC), then answers from presenters will be on the streaming website.
    • Plenaries will be LIVE, however sessions may be pre-recorded and only Q&A will be on LIVE. (TBC) Program details will be updated on the IPOS 2021 website in February-March, 2021.

    Call for New Abstracts & Edit Approved Abstract by December 1st, 2020
    Please see abstract details at https://ipos2020.com/ipos2021/abstracts/


    • Congress pricing is being adjusted now that we are going 100% virtual. The new fees are LOWER.
    • Individual registration is still required. There is no sharing of registrations.
    • The registration form will be closed temporarily for updating from October 21st to 31st.
    • Those that are fully paid registrants and registered on or before October 21st will have their registrations held, but will have a refund processed for the difference in the registration fee.
    • Registration will reopen with the new pricing on November 1st, 2020.
    • Online participation fee per person will be 35,000 JPY for regular and 15,000 JPY for LMIC.
    • Once you pay the registration fee, access to view all the sessions will commence once the program is ready - except Workshops as they are purchased separately.
    • Post Conference will have the option to purchase access to the Congress recordings starting May 30 to June 30, 2021. Prices are the same as above.
    • Please note that only fully paid registrants will be able to access the website from a user page at the registration form.

    Questions for Presenters
    Questions will be accepted for ONE WEEK (TBC) after the congress. Presenters will select specific questions and respond to them directly on their streaming page. Please note about LIVE sessions that questions after the LIVE streaming will not be accepted.

    Workshops are being offered for 10,000JPY. There will be pre-recorded and LIVE workshops depending on organizers. The program will be updated November-December to confirm. Once you pay fully, you can join all the workshops. *Note that ECPP Workshop will be opened for all participants for free.

  • 25 Sep 2020 11:49 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    IPOS has recently established a Palliative Care Special Interest Group (SIG). The aims of the Palliative Care Special Interest Group (SIG) are to:

    • Provide a professional network for members with an interest in psychosocial aspects of palliative care
    • Foster links with researchers and clinicians from the broad range of disciplines working in the area of palliative care to promote psychosocial care as a core component of quality palliative care
    • Facilitate discussion about initiatives to enhance psychosocial knowledge and skills of health professionals working in palliative care
    • Facilitate discussion about research initiatives and foster research collaborations (in coordination with the IPOS Research Committee)
    • Disseminate information about educational opportunities (including web-based resources or focused training), workshops or conferences, develop focused educational initiatives (in collaboration with the IPOS Education Committee) and contribute to the scientific program of the IPOS World Congress as appropriate

    We are now calling for expressions of interest / members. To be eligible, you must be a member of IPOS, or be willing to join. Associate memberships are available with reduced rates for those in lower and middle-income countries. Memberships obtained in 2020 will be valid until the end of 2021.

    Work of the SIG will be shaped by the membership, though we anticipate initial work will include:

    • Establishing a section of the IPOS website that will contain: guidance regarding the psychosocial aspects of palliative care for patients and caregivers; professional psychosocial education relevant to palliative care; information about research gaps and priorities; profiles of current IPOS members active in palliative care research and psychosocial care as a core component of palliative care; resources about the psychosocial aspects of palliative care  for patients and carers, available in multiple languages
    • Collating information from SIG members regarding their current clinical practice, educational and research activity, relating to the psychosocial aspects of palliative care
    • Facilitating research collaborations in topics relating to the psychosocial dimensions of palliative care
    • Considering the development of position statements and resource-stratified guidelines relating to psychosocial care as a core component of palliative care

    Please complete a simple form by October 15 to register your interest by going to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/palliativecaresig

    I hope we’ll have our first Zoom meeting in within the next two months.  Hope to see you then .

    Best wishes,

    Gary Rodin
    Chair, IPOS Palliative Care Special interest Group (SIG)

  • 31 Aug 2020 1:36 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)
    • The 2020 IPOS Members meeting has been scheduled for November 4, 2020 at 8 a.m. EDT (New York/Toronto). Verify your time zone by going to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.

      This year, the AGM will be held via Zoom. Access information will be included in registrant confirmation.

      Advance copy of the meeting materials will be emailed to all registrants closer to the date of the AGM. They will include: 

    • Annual Meeting Agenda
    • 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
    • 2019 Financial Report
    • 2019 Membership Report

    This is not an election year as the board was approved last year for a two-year term. For information on your current board of directors, please go to https://ipos-society.org/about/board

    Please note that only current members of IPOS can register/participate. We need a quorum of at least 124 voting members (either in person or by proxy) in order to proceed. Of our members, only individuals holding an “Active” or “Early Career” membership can vote.


    To review the IPOS Constitution, please go to https://ipos-society.org/about/organization

  • 17 Aug 2020 11:00 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Facilitated byHelena Lewis-Smith and the members of the IPOS ECPP committee.

    100 attendees maximum. FREE FOR IPOS MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS.
    Advance registration required.

    Not only has COVID-19 affected our personal lives, but it has also presented challenges for our professional lives. Many early career professionals are facing difficulties at work and experiencing anxiety about the future. This is the first of a two-session webinar and will serve as an informal peer support opportunity for early career psycho-oncology clinicians and researchers, where we can share our concerns and offer support to one another. The second session will involve presentations from senior clinicians and researchers in the field offering guidance on how to navigate our work and careers in light of the COVID-19 epidemic and its impacts. This will be advertised in the near future.

    Given that challenges may be different for early career clinicians and researchers, we have organised two different LIVE sessions for each group:

    Please note access information will be included with your registration confirmation. 

    It was obviously difficult to schedule these sessions across different time zones. However, we will be recording the sessions to access at a later date. We look forward to seeing as many as you there as possible!

  • 14 Aug 2020 1:41 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Webinar We don't suffer alone: the social context of fear of cancer recurrence

    Date Tuesday, September 22, 2020 (+1 day for Australia/NZ)
    Time 3:30 p.m. PST (convert to your local time)

    Duration: 60 minutes


    The FORwards Webinar Series aims to bring together the international community of researchers and clinicians interested in fear of cancer recurrence, to provide cutting-edge updates on brand-spanking new research, and to spark conversations and collaborative projects across the globe.

    This webinar will be of interest to both clinicians and researchers who want to better understand and manage FCR in people living with cancer and their loved ones.

    Attendance is free, but registration is required 

    Register online by going to https://stanford.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_fJYJlMZ1SVafsNMCfNh-OA

    This webinar is sponsored by the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) special interest group on fear of cancer recurrence (FORwards)

  • 13 Aug 2020 2:42 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Edited by Maggie Watson and David W. Kissane

    Paperback | 9780190934033 March 2020 | 192 pages £16.09 | $24.50

    • Discusses sexuality, intimacy, and fertility in the contexts of cancer treatment and survivorship
    • Includes clinical cases to demonstrate direct application of treatment methods
    • Toolkit format enables quick reference during everyday clinical practice

    This book provides clinical management guidelines for the impact of cancer and oncology treatments on sexual health, fertility and relationships. Employing a practical toolkit format, this volume addresses a spectrum of key topics including: provision of onco-fertility and sexual health support, LGBTQ+ issues, support for adolescents and young people, effective psychoeducational/psycho-sexual interventions, and managing relationships for individuals and couples.

    Order online at www.oup.com/academic and enter AMPROMD9 to save 30% with code AMPROMD9* Paperback | 9780190934033

  • 10 Aug 2020 3:36 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    FORwards Webinars

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Fear of Recurrence Webinar Series. This new Zoom-based webinar series aims to bring together our international community of FORwards researchers and clinicians, to provide cutting-edge updates on brand-spanking new research on fear of cancer recurrence, and to spark new conversations and collaborative projects across the globe. Watch your inboxes for details of the first webinar in the series, which will be hosted next month.

    FORwards research opportunity – call for student/postdoc to lead

    FORwards intends to support a research project to develop and publish a paper on the ‘Core Outcome Domains and Measures for Fear of Cancer Recurrence/Progression Studies and Clinical Trials.’ The paper will follow a similar structure as this influential paper published in the field of pediatric pain. We are looking for a postdoc or a student researcher to lead this project – PIs please contact [email protected] if your postdoc/student is interested.

    New online FCR research hub

    The Psycho-Oncology Co-operative Research Group (PoCoG) in Australia have launched an online FCR resource hub (https://www.pocog.org.au/content.aspx?pagetype=public&page=fcrhub&version=1&search=*) to make it easier for people to access the ConquerFear intervention materials and research involving members of the ConquerFear team.

    Call for ECR opportunities

    FORwards is committed to supporting our Early Career Researchers (ECRs). Do you know of an upcoming postdoc position or ECR funding opportunity? If so, please send all announcements to [email protected] so that we can compile these and disseminate to our ECR community.

    FCR Research

    FORwards members have been hard at work publishing new papers on fear of cancer recurrence and progression over the last few months. Below is a selection of new papers from our SIG members. If you would like to include an update in the Autumn newsletter, or know a student or colleague who would like to join this SIG, please reach out to Lauren Heathcote (FORwards Secretary) at [email protected].  Thank you all for the phenomenal work that you do to support people living with and beyond cancer.

  • 7 Aug 2020 9:25 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Since the 22nd IPOS World Conference was delayed until 2021, the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology Research & Practice – the Official IPOS Journal - published the CAPO 2020 Conference Abstracts. All accepted abstracts from the CAPO 2020 Conference Program are included and FREE to access! The publication is now available by going to https://journals.lww.com/jporp/toc/2020/07001

    Also note, ANYONE around the World can now purchase the COMPLETE CAPO Conference recordings (watch at your own leisure and time zone!). This year's conference was a hybrid of LIVE and pre-recorded presentations. The LIVE sessions were recorded and are now available for purchase for anyone that did not register. The recordings include:

    • 20-minute oral presentations
    • Symposiums
    • 90-minute workshops
    • Pre-recorded 10-minute oral presentations
    • E-posters with pre-recorded presentations

    As a bonus, all of our pre-conference workshops were recorded and are also included with this package.

    • Regular Member:$225 CDN
    • Non-Member:$350 CDN
    • Student Member:$125 CDN
    • Student Non-Member:$150 CDN
    • Patient Advocate Member:$125 CDN
    • Patient Advocate Non-Member:$150 CDN

    To purchase, please go to https://capo.wildapricot.org/event-3935919

  • 4 Aug 2020 10:56 AM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

    Introduction to Theory and Practice (IPODE) and Sexual Health in Cancer Part 1 (IPODE) Online Courses

    For a decade now, de Souza Institute has been offering continuing professional development courses to healthcare professionals, to enhance their knowledge and competency and give them tools to provide the best possible cancer and/or palliative care. With online course offerings, participants can start at any time, from anywhere! Join over 16,000 healthcare professionals who have learned with de Souza.

    IPOS Members receive 10% off until August 24th on the below courses with coupon code. Please email the IPOS office to request the coupon code.

    Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology Part 1: Introduction to Theory and Practice (IPODE) - Psychosocial Oncology is a specialty area of cancer care that is concerned with the myriad of psychological, emotional, social and spiritual responses of persons affected by cancer. This web-based continuing education course provides an opportunity for practicing health professionals to explore common psychosocial issues that individuals and families experience when an adult family member is diagnosed with cancer. Primary emphases in the course include understanding the illness experience and assessing distress and coping from a family centered perspective. Enroll by August 17th , course starts on August 17th and ends on December 7, 2020.

    Visit the Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology Part 1: Introduction to Theory and Practice (IPODE) for additional details, including online classroom dates

    Sexual Health in Cancer Part 1 (IPODE) - Sexual concerns are one of the most common cancer survivorship issues, yet they are the least likely to be discussed. Learn skills in assessment and counseling for common sexual health issues in cancer care. Enroll by August 19, course starts on September 3.

    Visit the Sexual Health in Cancer course webpage for additional details, including online classroom dates.

    Both courses are offered in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology.

    Find out more by going to https://mailchi.mp/ipos-society/ipos-xchange-feb112020-1500986?e=9b35f09fec

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