Georgian Psycho-Oncology Society (GPOS)

Georgian Psycho-Oncology Society (GPOS)   

Georgian psycho-oncology society (GPOS) is multidisciplinary organization: consists of psychiatrist, psychologists, patient advocates oncologists and nurses.

The mission of organization is:

Develop psycho-oncology services in Georgia.

To study social, psychological, emotional needs of cancer patients (in COVID 19 pandemic period

GPOS organize online support groups for cancer patients).

To create psychology support as an important and imminent part of oncology treatment.

Develop research and educational activities in psycho-oncology. (Translated M.A.C questioner into Georgian.)

GPOS actively collaborate with clinical oncologists and patient organizations, have regular meetings for planning psycho-oncology program developing in our country.

The purpose of this group is for people to come together and remain strong in the fight against Cancer. This is a place we can come to find others who understand.


Georgian Psycho-oncology Society (GPOS)

  • Founded: 2018
  • Membership: 33
  • Website: No
  • Conference: No
  • Journal: No
  • Newsletter: No
  • eMail list: Yes
  • FB address: GPOS FB

Contact address:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Composition of members:

  • Nurse 2%
  • Psychiatrist 2%
  • Psychologist 80%
  • Social worker 8%
  • Patient Advocate 6%
  • Oncologists 2%

On 2 April 2022 our organisation (GPOS) is planning "The first Georgian Psycho-Oncology Conference. " The Mission of the Conference is to introduce our activities to the local community of medical oncologists.  The conference will also discuss the importance of psychosocial support in cancer patients. Wellcome word will have Dr. Tom Hack the president of IPOS(Online).

The conference is planning to be an in-person model.

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