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The Psycho-Oncology Society of Kenya (POSK) is finally registered

28 Oct 2016 3:41 PM | IPOS admin (Administrator)
The Psycho-Oncology Society of Kenya (POSK) is finally registered, report from Philip Odiyo (Chairman, POSK) & Hellen Waithaka (Secretary General, POSK)

The Psycho Oncology Society of Kenya is finally registered with the Kenyan government. This is a major achievement for the development of Psycho-oncology in Kenya and Eastern Africa. We hope that we can use the opportunity to spur development in other African countries. The objectives of the Kenyan chapter are as follows.

(a) To serve as national body and forum for the dissemination of information to professionals and the general public about psycho-oncology.

(b) To develop excellence in clinical care, research and education in the specialty of psycho-oncology;

(c) To promote education and information sharing through meetings, conferences, workshops, regional meetings and publications.

(d) To advise national agencies about policy issues related to psycho-oncology.

(e) To recognize exceptional contributions to the field of psycho-oncology through distinguished Service or other awards.

(f) To collaborate with institutions that offer psycho-oncology services.

The association currently has around 100 members however this number will increase once we roll out the training programs. We are confident that by the end of next year the number will have increased dramatically since the association is officially registered. We are currently in the process of registering the association to become a member of Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations. KENCO has over 50 non-governmental organizations involved in cancer work in Kenya.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Jimmie Holland and the IPOS team for their support and encouragement.

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