We need your financial support for our 2018 Low-to-Middle Income Professional Training Academy (2018 RTA for LMIC In Hong Kong)

IPOS is holding a special training academy for professionals from low-to-middle income countries this fall in Hong Kong. At this time, we are bringing 18 scholars to Hong Kong for this amazing education experience that is sure to benefit many professionals and patients in their local communities.

Right now we are in need of $2,700 US in order to ensure all 18 participants can fully participate. Your help is needed – you can help make a difference in these communities! Fund are needed for:

• Training materials and support
• Travel & Hotel accommodation
• Congress and faculty fees and expenses

IPOS is accepting donations online from $1 to as much as you can spare. It’s easy to donate, and secure. With a credit card, you can donate online by going to http://www.karelo.com/register.php?BID=618&BT=10&Ev=15902

Thanks from your friends and partners at IPOS