Dear IPOS members and friends

It is an honour for me to represent all of you and to collaborate with our current Board members to further the development of psychooncology in the world.

During this coming period we will continue building on the hard work previous Boards have performed. In addition, I would like to see new developments within our society. In an effort to make it more representative of different parts of the world we have created a Latin American and Spanish Special Interest Group that was launched in Berlin and already has nearly 60 very active and enthusiastic members most of whom are new members to IPOS. Welcome to you all!

Since our meeting in Berlin we have continued our contact with WHO and are exploring new ways to collaborate with them in additional programs. We are very lucky that Andreas Ullrich has agreed to become a Board Advisor. I am sure it will be very enriching for IPOS to have him with us.

I would like to place more emphasis on communication between members of IPOS and between IPOS members and the Board. Some exciting options came up at our Board meeting and you will soon be informed of them. I also believe we should spread the word “out there” of what psychooncology is and what we do. By “out there” I mean the general public, the politicians, the patients. They all need to know that we exist and that we can be of great help.

Including other groups to be represented in IPOS would be wonderful and I think we should aim at that. Patient groups need to have their space with us. And we need to expand collaboration with palliative care professionals, nurses and social workers.

We need to update and extend our Multilingual Core Curriculum and develop different levels of training criteria for all those involved in cancer care. Our Education Committee will be working on these issues. And we need to focus on prevention: how can we teach preventive behaviors to people around the world? Psychology as you know, plays a major role in this! And here too, we have our Prevention Committee that you may join.

Many projects and many ideas, but none of these can be ¡carried out without your help. We are a large group of excellent professionals who have the same interest: optimize the psychological care of cancer patients and their families. We want you to participate more actively in the Society and we count on your expertise. Please join any of our Special Interest Groups or committees or contact me directly to give us your suggestions and valuable collaboration. Together we can reach the sky! Let´s go for it and thank you all!

Maria Die-Trill President IPOS