IPOS ECPP Committee is looking for four new members!

The mandate of the IPOS Early Career Professionals in Psycho-Oncology (ECPP) Committee is to heighten awareness of, and advocate for, issues of particular importance to early career professionals, with special attention to the varied challenges faced by international ECPPs.  

Since its inception the ECPP committee has:

  • Organised ECPP specific events at IPOS (e.g. Mentoring luncheons, poster sessions, concept development workshops, symposiums, family friendly options, special interest group meetings)
  • Co-ordinated with IPOS to advocate for reduced membership fees for ECPPs
  • Fostered ECPP networking and engagement

In addition to the above, we plan to continue to work towards:

  • Developing an ECPP-specific website with links and resources that will be useful to ECPPs
  • Further support ECPPs from limited resource countries
  • Developing events to support ECPPs with a clinical focus of their work

We are now looking for four new ECPPs to join the committee. If you enthusiastic and are keen to help push forward these initiatives and/or have ideas for further ECPP activities we encourage you to apply!


To be eligible to join the committee you need to be within 10 years of your final qualification or training and an IPOS member.

Duties and Responsibilities and details about membership are listed at on the second page of the application form.

The selection process for new members

To apply, please submit an application to Michelle Peate by Friday 30th March 2018.

If you are eligible, your application will be forwarded to all Committee members. Each Committee member will choose two preferred applicants. The new members will be selected in order to ensure that the Committee has a broad representation of countries, gender and expertise.

The scores will be tallied and actioned as follows:

  • the applicants with the most votes will be selected for the role*
  • Where there is more than two preferred applicants (e.g. three applicants with the same number of votes), Committee Members will re-vote from these applicants. The applicant with the most votes will be ‘selected’.*

*Committee members have a right to veto, in which case the Committee will meet to choose a suitable applicant. IPOS Board liaison members will be invited to participate in this discussion.

If you have any questions please contact Michelle Peate.