Multilingual Core Curriculum In Psycho-oncology

Online Lectures in Psycho-Oncology

ESOThis online lecture series, made available by IPOS and the European School of Oncology (ESO), features webcasts translated from English into German, Spanish, French, Hungarian and Italian. Translation of some of the lectures into Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese has been supported by national psycho-oncology societies and by unrestricted educational grants from corporations. These organizations are thanked for their support where appropriate. Additional translations into Chinese are planned for the near future. ISO two-letter abbreviations for the languages are used on this site.

Some lectures have been taken from the webcast library of IPOS Federation member, the American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS).

All of the Core Curriculum lectures, as well as all lectures in the APOS webcast library, are available for translation into other languages. APOS is an IPOS Federation member. For more information, please contact IPOS at [email protected].

The core webcasts are:

  • Cancer: A Family Affair by Lea Baider PhD
  • Loss, Grief and Bereavement by David Kissane MD
  • Palliative Care for the Psycho-Oncologist by William Breitbart MD
  • Ethical Implications of Psycho-Oncology by Antonella Surbone MD, PhD, FACP
  • Psychosocial Interventions: Evidence and Methods for Supporting Cancer Patients by Maggie Watson PhD and Barry Bultz PhD
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Cancer Care by Walter F. Baile MD
  • Anxiety and Adjustment Disorders in Cancer Patients by Katalin Muszbek MD
  • Distress Management in Cancer by Jimmie C. Holland MD
  • Depression and Depressive Disorders in Cancer Patients by Luigi Grassi MD and Yosuke Uchitomi MD, PhD
  • Psychosocial Assessment in Cancer Patients by Uwe Koch MD, PhD and Anja Mehnert PhD

To access the webcasts, please select the appropriate language from the Online Lectures menu on the right.