IPOS World Congress Preliminary Plenary Program Now Online

IPOS World Congress Preliminary Plenary Program Now Online

Day 1, Wednesday 31st October 2018

Plenary 1 (Morning): Symptom management

  1. Keynote speaker: Deborah Schrag, Boston – Symptom monitoring and outcomes
  2. Plenary speaker: William Redd, New York – Light therapy for symptom control

Plenary 2 (Afternoon): Inequalities in survivorship outcomes 

  1. Susan Dalton, Copenhagen – Social inequalities in survivorship
  2. Paul Jacobsen, Bethesda – Inequalities in cancer care

Day 2, Thursday 1st November 2018

Plenary 3 (Morning): Translational research 

  1. Tatsuo Akechi, Nagoya – Usefulness of smartphone behavioral activation and problem-solving treatment on fear of recurrence
  2. Nicole Rankin, Sydney – Translational research

President’s Plenary (Afternoon): Remembering Jimmie: A tribute to Prof Jimmie Holland

  1. Maria Die Trill, Madrid – IPOS President
  2. Chioma Asuzu, Nigeria
  3. David Kissane, Melbourne
  4. Yosuke Uchitomi, Tokyo
  5. Maggie Watson, London

Day 3, Friday 2nd November 2018

Plenary 4 (Morning): Palliative care, advanced and end stage disease 

  1. Ednin Hamzah, Kuala Lumpur – Advanced and end-stage disease in Asia
  2. Liz Lobb, Sydney – Late stage disease and end of life care

IPOS Awards Plenary (Afternoon)

  1. Christoffer Johannsen, Copenhagen – Chair, IPOS Awards Committee
  2. Arthur M. Sutherland Awardee
  3. Bernard Fox Memorial Awardee
  4. Noemi Fisman Awardee

Find our more by going to http://www.ipos2018.com/plenary-program.html

Psycho-Oncology is looking for two Associate Editors to join its Editorial team in 2018

IPOS ECPP Committee is looking for four new members!

The mandate of the IPOS Early Career Professionals in Psycho-Oncology (ECPP) Committee is to heighten awareness of, and advocate for, issues of particular importance to early career professionals, with special attention to the varied challenges faced by international ECPPs.  

Since its inception the ECPP committee has:

  • Organised ECPP specific events at IPOS (e.g. Mentoring luncheons, poster sessions, concept development workshops, symposiums, family friendly options, special interest group meetings)
  • Co-ordinated with IPOS to advocate for reduced membership fees for ECPPs
  • Fostered ECPP networking and engagement

In addition to the above, we plan to continue to work towards:

  • Developing an ECPP-specific website with links and resources that will be useful to ECPPs
  • Further support ECPPs from limited resource countries
  • Developing events to support ECPPs with a clinical focus of their work

We are now looking for four new ECPPs to join the committee. If you enthusiastic and are keen to help push forward these initiatives and/or have ideas for further ECPP activities we encourage you to apply!


To be eligible to join the committee you need to be within 10 years of your final qualification or training and an IPOS member.

Duties and Responsibilities and details about membership are listed at on the second page of the application form.

The selection process for new members

To apply, please submit an application to Michelle Peate by Friday 30th March 2018.

If you are eligible, your application will be forwarded to all Committee members. Each Committee member will choose two preferred applicants. The new members will be selected in order to ensure that the Committee has a broad representation of countries, gender and expertise.

The scores will be tallied and actioned as follows:

  • the applicants with the most votes will be selected for the role*
  • Where there is more than two preferred applicants (e.g. three applicants with the same number of votes), Committee Members will re-vote from these applicants. The applicant with the most votes will be ‘selected’.*

*Committee members have a right to veto, in which case the Committee will meet to choose a suitable applicant. IPOS Board liaison members will be invited to participate in this discussion.

If you have any questions please contact Michelle Peate.

IPOS Survivorship Online Survey

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the IPOS Survivorship Online Survey. This survey is to gauge current involvement in clinical services and research with cancer patients/survivors in various age groups and their family caregivers. As the first phase of this initiative, the current survey is asking healthcare professionals, researchers, and teachers about their perception of unmet needs for providing optimal care to persons touched by cancer around the globe.

The survey is available in 15 languages: Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish. You choose the language you would like to complete the survey in. The survey web links for each language are below. Some languages (Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Romanian, and Turkish) have brief instruction how to complete the survey below the web link, to which we are asking you to refer when you have questions, because those instructions are not available in those language surveys.

We encourage you to forward this invitation to your colleagues and your regional Psycho-Oncology group members. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Youngmee Kim, PhD.


IPOS Survivorship Online Survey Team

Agustina Sirgo, Amanda Ting, Andrada Parvu, Andy Roth, Ashley Wang, Cherry Lam, Christina Drace, Cris Bergerot, Csaba Degi, Daisuke Fuiisawa, Emi Takeuchi, Eunjung Shim, Gokce Sokmen, Hande Okan, Hyerim Noh, Isadora Azevedo, Jayita Doedhar, Jelana Stanic, Juliane Lessing, Karin Ribi, Lilla Gerlinger, Manuela Eicher, Marcella May, Maria Die Trill, Martine Hoffman, Ozan Bahcivan, Samantha Serpentini, Savita Goswami, Sylvie Lambert, Talia Zaider, Tania Estape, Tim Hartung, Sara Colomer, Seyma Aydogan, Wendy Lam, Yanan Song, Yesne Alici, and Youngmee Kim

******* Please scroll down to get to the language of your choice ******

Català: Gràcies per considerar participar a l’enquesta. Vostè pot trigar entre 15 minuts i 50 minuts per fer-la, depenent dels grups d’edat dels pacients amb qui treballi. El vostre temps per completar aquesta enquesta contribuirà substancialment a la investigació sobre supervivència del càncer i a les pràctiques clíniques, no només al vostre país sinó també a nivell mundial. Teniu opcions per desar i tornar més tard, o ometre algunes seccions. Apreciem veritablement la seva participació el més completa possible a l’enquesta. Nosaltres realment apreciem la seva participació omplint el qüestionari al màxim possible. Si us plau cliqui el següent enllaç per començar l’enquesta en català. 

IPOS_Catalan: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=4D4DJ7WL3E 

体中文: 谢谢您愿意填写这份问卷。根据您工作上所接触的癌症患者年龄层而不同,这份问卷大概会耗费您15-50分钟。您的填答将会对癌症患者的研究与临床服务有相当大的贡献,这贡献不只在于您的国家,也对全球有贡献。您可以选择储存并之后再继续完成问卷,或跳过某些部分。我们真挚地感激您尽可能地完成这份问卷。请点击以下网址连结并开始进行中文问卷填答。

IPOS_Chinese-Simplified: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=TJR44W9HT7

繁體中文: 謝謝您願意填寫這份問卷。根據您工作上所接觸的癌症患者年齡層而不同,這份問卷大概會耗費您15-50分鐘。您的填答將會對癌症患者的研究與臨床服務有相當大的貢獻,這貢獻不只在於您的國家,也對全球有貢獻。您可以選擇儲存並之後再繼續完成問卷,或跳過某些部分。我們真摯地感激您盡可能地完成這份問卷。請點擊以下網址連結並開始進行中文問卷填答。

IPOS_Chinese-Traditional: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=KFKDEYHA73

English: Thank you for consider participating in the survey. This survey may take 15 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on patient age groups you are working with. Your time to complete this survey will make substantial contribution to cancer survivorship research and clinical practices, not only in your own country but also globally. You have options to save and return later, or skip some sections. We truly appreciate your completion of the survey as fully as possible. Please click the web link below to begin the survey in English.

IPOS_English: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=4734H8C84L

Français: Merci pour votre intérêt concernant la participation à cette enquête. Cette enquête peut prendre de 15 à 50 minutes, selon les groupes d’âge des patients avec lesquels vous travaillez. Votre temps pour répondre à cette enquête apportera une contribution substantielle à la recherche sur la survie au cancer et aux pratiques cliniques, non seulement dans votre propre pays, mais aussi dans le monde entier. Vous avez des options pour sauvegarder et revenir plus tard, ou sauter certaines sections. Nous apprécions vraiment que vous complétiez le sondage de la manière la plus complète possible. Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour commencer l’enquête en Français.

IPOS_French: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=R4JWFENK9L 

Deutsch: Vielen Dank, dass Sie an dieser Befragung teilnehmen. Die Befragung dauert 15 bis 50 Minuten, je nach dem, mit welchen Altersgruppen Sie arbeiten. Mit Ihrer Teilnahme leisten Sie einen wichtigen Beitrag zu Forschung und Klinik – nicht nur in Ihrem Land, sondern auch weltweit. Sie haben die Möglichkeit, Ihre Antworten zu speichern und die Befragung später fortzusetzen oder Abschnitte zu überspringen, die auf Sie nicht zutreffen. Wir wissen es zu schätzen, wenn Sie die Fragen so vollständig wie möglich beantworten. Bitte klicken Sie auf den unten stehenden Link, um die Befragung auf Deutsch zu beginnen.

IPOS_German: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=74DMRRPTJL

हिंदी: आप सर्वेक्षण में भाग लेने पर विचार के लिए धंयवाद । इस सर्वेक्षण में 15 मिनट से ५० मिनट का समय लग सकता है, जिसके आधार पर रोगी आयु समूह आप के साथ काम कर रहे हैं । इस सर्वेक्षण को पूरा करने के लिए आपका समय कैंसर उत्तरजीवी अनुसंधान और नैदानिक प्रथाओं के लिए पर्याप्त योगदान कर देगा, न केवल अपने ही देश में बल्कि विश्व स्तर पर भी । आपके पास सहेजने और बाद में वापस जाने के विकल्प हैं, या कुछ अनुभागों को छोड़ दें । हम वास्तव में पूरी तरह से संभव के रूप में सर्वेक्षण के अपने पूरा की सराहना करते हैं । कृपया अंग्रेजी में सर्वेक्षण शुरू करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए वेब लिंक पर क्लिक करें ।

IPOS_Hindi: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=WM7NJY3RKE

किसी भी पल अगर आप सर्वेक्षण के बीच रूकना चाहे और दोबारा वापस आकर उसे पुरा करना चाहे तो कृपया “Save & Return Later” पे क्लिक किजिए. एक सुचना दिखाई देगी “Return Code” और “Your survey responses were saved!” कृपया “Return Code” लिखे और “Close” पे क्लिक करे. आपके “Return Code” के बगैर आप इस सर्वेक्षण को दोबारा शुरू नही कर सकते और सर्वेक्षण निरंतर जारी नही रख सकते अगर आप वेब ब्रॉवसर को बंद करेगे.

अगर “Your survey responses were saved!” वेब ब्रॉवसर खुला है तो सर्वेक्षण निरंतर जारी रखने के लिऐ “Continue Survey Now” पर क्लिक करे यह सुचना सबसे नीचे “Your survey responses were saved!” वेब पेजपर आपको दिखाई देगी.

अगर आपको कुछ देर बाद सर्वेक्षण करना है और “Your survey responses were saved!” वेब ब्रॉवसर बंद करना चाहते है तो कृपया आपका ई मेल पता “Your email address” मे टाईप करे “2)Survey link for returning” के नीचे है, बाद मे “Send Survey Link”. पे क्लिक करे. “RedCap, Admin” के तरफ से आपको एक ई मेल मिलेगा जिसमे “IPOS Online Survey” शामिल है. एकबार आप वेब लिंक पे क्लिक करेंगे तो “IPOS Online Survey” का पेज दिखेगा जहाँ आपको खाली खाने मे return code टाईप करने के लिए कहा जायेगा. Return code टाईप करने के बाद “Submit your Return Code” पे क्लिक करे जिससे आप फिर से सर्वेक्षण/ सव्र्हे जारी कर सकते है.

“Save & Return Later” कोक्लिक किए बिना अगर आपने सर्वेक्षण पेज बंद करने की कोशिश की तो पुष्टी करने के लिए संदेश (मेसेज) दिखाई देगा जैसे “आपको पेज छोडना है” या सर्वेक्षण जारी रखना है’. अगर आपने “Leave this page” पे क्लिक किया तो आपके द्वारा पूर्ण कि गई सर्वेक्षण प्रतिक्रयांओ मे से कोई प्रतिक्रयां मिट भी सकती है. अगर आप अपनी प्रतिक्रयांओ को खोना नही चाहते तो संदेश (मेसेज) खिडकी (window) बंद करने के लिए “Stay on this page” पे क्लिक करे और सर्वेक्षण पेज पे नीचे दिए गये “Save & Return Later” पे क्लिक किजिए.

Magyar: Köszönjük, hogy a részt vesz felmérésünkben! A kérdőív kitöltése 15-50 percet is igénybe vehet, attól függően, hogy milyen korcsoportokkal, betegségcsoportokkal dolgozik. A kérdív kitöltésére szánt idejével számottevő módon járulhat hozzá – nem csak országosan, hanem nemzetközi szinten is – a daganatos betegséggel küzdők ellátásának kutatásához és klinikai gyakorlatának fejlesztéséhez. Lehetősége van elmenteni és később visszatérni vagy átugrani egyes részeket a kérdőívben. Nagyra értékeljük a kérdőív minél teljesebb kitöltését. Kérjük kattintson az alábbi linkre a kérdőív kitöltéséhez magyarul.

IPOS_Hungarian: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=3LACC9NYMD

Ha bármikor megszakítaná a kérdőív kitöltését és inkább egy későbbi időpontban térne hozzá vissza, kérem kattintson a “Mentés és visszatérés később” gombra. Ezt követően majd egy üzenet jelenik meg: “Visszatérés kódja” és “Válaszait mentettük!”. Kérjük, jegyezze fel a visszatérés kódját és kattintson a “Bezár” gombra. A böngésző bezárását követően később csak a visszatérés kódja segítségével tudja folytatni a kérdőív kitöltését.

Ha a “Válaszati mentettük” felületet nyitva hagyja, akkor folytathatja a kérdőív kitöltését, amennyiben a lap alján megjelenő “Kitöltés folytatása” gombra kattint, vagy a “Válaszait mentettük” oldalon.

Ha később szeretné folytatni a kérdőív kitöltését és bezárná a “Válaszait mentettük” ablakot, úgy kérjük adja meg e-mail címét az “e-mail címem” rubrikában a “2) kérdőív link a visszatéréshez”. Ezt követően kattintson a “Kérdőív link elküldése” gombra. Válaszul egy e-mailt kap majd a “RedCap Admin” címéről amely tartalmazza az “IPOS Online Kérdőív” linkjét. A linkre kattintva megjelenik az IPOS Online Kérdőí oldal, ahol az üres rubrikába a visszatérés kódjt kell beírni. A kód beírását követően kattintson “Visszatérés kódja megadása” gombra, amivel folytathatja a kérdőív kitöltését.

Ha bezárná az ablakot a kérdőív kitöltése közben anélkül, hogy a “Mentés és visszatérés később” gombra kattintana, egy üzenet jelenik meg, hogy valóban el kívánja e hagyni az oldalt. Ha az “Oldal elhagyása” gombra kattint, minden addigi válasza elveszik. Ha nem szeretné elveszíteni a megadott válaszait, kattintson a “Maradok az oldalon” gombra, hogy bezárja az ablakot, majd kattintson a “Mentés és visszatérés később gombra” az oldal alján.

Italiano: Ti ringraziamo per aver preso in considerazione la partecipazione a questa indagine. Questa indagine può richiedere dai 15 ai 50 minuti, a seconda dei gruppi di età dei pazienti con cui stai lavorando. Il tuo tempo per la compilazione di questo sondaggio fornirà un contributo sostanziale alla ricerca sulla sopravvivenza del cancro e sulle pratiche cliniche, non solamente nel tuo paese ma anche a livello globale. Avrai l’opzione di salvare e riprendere in seguito oppure saltare alcune sezioni. Apprezzeremo veramente tanto se potrai portare a termine l’indagine nel modo più completo possibile. Ti preghiamo di cliccare sul link sottostante per iniziare l’indagine in Iitaliano.

IPOS_Italian: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=DCKPPH3D8T

In qualsiasi momento, se scegli di fermare l’indagine per ora e di ritornare in un secondo momento per completarla, fai clic su “Save & Return Later”. Verrà visualizzato un messaggio con “Return Code” e “Le risposte del sondaggio sono state salvate!”. Si prega di usare il “Return Code” e fare clic su “Close”. Senza il “Return Code”, non sarai in grado di tornare e continuare questa indagine se chiudi il browser web.

Se il browser web “Your survey responses were saved!” rimane aperto, puoi continuare il sondaggio facendo clic su ” Continue Survey Now” che appare nella parte inferiore oppure tornando sulla webpage “Your survey responses were saved!”.

Se vuoi ritornare all’indagine in seguito e vuoi chiudere il browser web “Your survey responses were saved!”, digita il tuo indirizzo email nella casella “Your email address” che è sotto “2) Survey link for returning” . Quindi, fai clic su “Send Survey Link”. Riceverai un’email da “RedCap, Admin” che include il link web “IPOS Online Survey”. Una volta cliccato sul link web, viene visualizzata la pagina “IPOS Online Survey” che richiede di digitare il codice di ritorno nella casella vuota. Dopo avere digitato il “Return Code”, fai clic su “Submit your Return Code”, che riporterà al sondaggio per continuare.

Se si tenta di chiudere la pagina del sondaggio senza fare clic su “Save & Return Later”, verrà visualizzato un messaggio che chiede di confermare se si desidera lasciare la pagina o rimanere nella pagina. Se fai clic su “Leave this page”, tutte le risposte del sondaggio esistenti verranno perse. Se non desideri perdere le risposte esistenti, fai clic su “Stay on this page” per chiudere la finestra del messaggio e, quindi, fai clic su “Save & Return Later” nella parte inferiore della pagina del sondaggio.

日本語: このアンケート調査に興味を持っていただき、ありがとうございます。このアンケートは、あなたが普段かかわる患者の年齢グループによって所要時間は異なり、15-50分程度かかります。あなたがこの調査に協力していただいた貴重な時間は、国内だけでなく世界的に、がんサバイバー研究や臨床実践に確実に役立ちます。アンケートは途中で一時保存しておくこともできますし、一部の質問をスキップすることもできます。可能なかぎりすべての質問にお答えいただけますと大変ありがたいです。下のリンクをクリックすると[日本語での]アンケートが表示されます。

IPOS_Japanese: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=ALMLRMMYYY

한국어: 본 조사에 참여해 주셔서 감사합니다. 본 조사는 귀하께서 담당하고 계신 환자 연령대에 따라 15분에서 50분 정도 소요될 수 있습니다. 귀하께서 본 조사에 할애해 주신 시간은 귀하의 국가뿐 아니라 전세계적으로 암 생존자 연구 및 임상 활동에 큰 기여를 할 것입니다. 귀하께서는 응답 내용을 저장하시고 이후에 완료하시거나, 몇 섹션을 건너 띄실 수 있습니다. 본 조사내용에 가능한 다 응답해주시면 감사하겠습니다. 한국어 조사를 시작하기 위해 아래 웹 링크를 클릭해 주십시오.

IPOS_Korean: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=PRF7WP7X3M

언제라도 설문을 중단하셨다가 이후에 다시 완료하시려면 ‘Save & Return later’ 를 클릭해 주십시오. ‘Return Code’와 ‘귀하의 설문 응답이 저장되었습니다!’라는 메시지가 뜰 것입니다. ‘ Return Code’를 받아 적으시고, ‘Close’를 클릭하십시오. 웹 브라우저를 닫으실 경우 ‘ Return Code’가 없이는 이후에 설문을 계속하실 수 없습니다.

‘Your survey responses were saved!’ 가 떠 있는 웹 브라우저 창이 열려 있는 경우, 하단에 ‘Continue the Survey Now’’ 또는 ‘Your survey responses were saved!’ 웹 페이지를 클릭하여 설문을 계속 진행하실 수 있습니다.

이후에 설문을 계속하고, ‘Your survey responses were saved’가 뜨는 웹 브라우저 창을 닫고자 하시면, ‘2) Survey link for returning’ 아래 ‘Your email address’ 박스에 귀하의 이메일 주소를 입력하십시오. 그리고 ‘Send Survey Link’를 클릭하시면, ‘RedCap, Admin’으로부터 ‘IPOS Online Survey’ 웹 링크가 포함된 메일을 받으실 것입니다. 해당 웹 링크를 클릭하시면, ‘Return Code’ 입력을 요청하는 ‘IPOS Online Survey’ 웹 페이지가 뜰 것입니다. ‘Return Code’를 입력하신 후, ‘Submit your Return Code’를 클릭하시면, 이전에 중단했던 설문을 계속 진행하실 수 있습니다.

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Português: Obrigada por considerar a participar dessa pesquisa. Esta pesquisa pode levar entre 15 a 50 minutos, dependendo da faixa etária dos pacientes que você está trabalhando. Sua disponibilidade para completar esta pesquisa é de substancial contribuição à pesquisa de sobreviventes de câncer e práticas clínicas, não somente em seu país, mas globalmente. Você tem opções de salvar e retornar depois, ou de pular algumas seções. Nós apreciamos a conclusão da pesquisa, tanto quanto possível. Por favor clique no link abaixo para iniciar a pesquisa em português.

IPOS_Brazilian Portuguese: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=TNWX478ETR

Română: Vă mulțumim că ați acceptat să participaţi la sondaj. Acest studiu poate dura intre 15 minute şi 50 de minute, în funcție de grupurile de vârstă ale pacienţilor cu care lucrați. Faptul că aţi sacrificat din timpul dvs. pentru a finaliza acest studiu va aduce o contribuție substanțială la cercetarea privind supraviețuitorii cancerului și la practicile clinice, nu numai în țara dvs., ci și la nivel global. Aveți opțiuni pentru a salva datele și pentru a reveni mai târziu sau pentru a omite anumite secțiuni. Apreciem dacă răspundeţi la întrebări cât mai complet posibil. Apreciem in mod deosebit raspunsul cat mai complet la chestionar. Va rugam faceti click pe web site-ul de mai jos pentru a accesa chestionarul in limba romana.

IPOS_Romanian: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=C8WAJ73KPP

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Español: Gracias por responder a esta encuesta. Puede llevarle entre 15 y 50 minutos responder a todo, dependiendo de las edades de los pacientes con los que usted trabaje. Su tiempo para completar esta encuesta constituirá una aportación sustancial a la práctica clínica y a la   investigación sobre la supervivencia del cancer, no solo en su país sino globalmente. Tiene la opción de guardar sus respuestas y volver más tarde para completer la encuesta, o también de saltar determinadas secciones. Apreciamos enormemente su esfuerzo por completar al máximo la encuesta. Por favor haga click sobre el enlace que aparece abajo para comenzar a responder a la encuesta Español.

IPOS_Spanish: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=CJ4PMTTRTA 

Türkçe: Araştırmaya katıldığınız için teşekkür ederiz. Bu anket, birlikte çalıştığınız hasta yaş gruplarına bağlı olarak, 15 dakika ila 50 dakika arasında sürebilir. Bu anketi tamamlama zamanınız yalnızca kendi ülkenizde değil, aynı zamanda küresel ölçekte kanserden kurtulma araştırmaları ve klinik uygulamaları için önemli katkı sağlayacaktır. Daha sonra kaydetmek, sorulara geri dönmek veya bazı bölümleri atlama seçeneğiniz vardır. Anketi mümkün olduğunca tamamladığınız için teşekkür ederiz. Ankete TÜRKÇE başlamak için lütfen aşağıdaki web bağlantısına tıklayın.

IPOS_Turkish: https://redcap.miami.edu/surveys/?s=PNJELJKANK

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Congratulations to IPOS past president, member & volunteer David Kissane AC

David Kissane was recognized in the 2018 Australia Day (January 26) Honors list – and was made a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) “for eminent service e to psychiatry, particularly psycho-oncology and palliative medicine, as an educator, researcher, author and clinician, and through executive roles with a range of national and international professional medical bodies”. This is the modern Australian equivalent of a knighthood.

So he know goes by David Kissane AC.

David is former Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at MSKCC. He served as President of IPOS and received IPOS’ highest honor: the Arthur Sutherland Award. He is currently Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Monash University in his native Australia.

Remembering Andrea Patenaude, IPOS Volunteer and Friend

With great sadness I am sharing the news of the passing of our dear colleague and friend, Andrea Patenaude. Andrea died peacefully January 30, 2018 afternoon after dealing with her recurrent cancer.

In our IPOS community Andrea is perhaps best known for he passion for pediatric psychosocial oncology. Her tireless advocacy raised the profile of paediatric psychosocial and most recently helped IPOS build a relationship with the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SOIP).

Andrea’s work has created a platform for continue awareness, research, education and clinical practice in the area of paediatric psychosocial oncology

We will share details about her memorial service as they become available.

Anthony Laycock
Executive Director

World Cancer Day – February 4, 2018 – Spread the Word with IPOS about the importance of Psycho-Oncology!

A truly global event taking place every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer.

It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.

Why World Cancer Day is important

  • • Currently, 8.8 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which, 4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years)
  • • World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds and in the world’s media

What you can do:

  • • Create a poster by going to http://www.worldcancerday.org/materials
    • • Posters can be created in English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
    • • On February 4, please tweet about World Cancer Day & benefits/needs of Psycho-Oncology. Be sure to include “@IPOSPsychoOncol” in your tweet so we can follow all the activity from IPOS members and contacts.

IPOS is now accepting renewals and new memberships for 2018!

Join the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) for 2018 and receive the valuable benefits afforded to our members.

IPOS Membership is based on a calendar year — membership is only valid from the time of application through 31 December of the same year. Renewal invoices are distributed at the end of each calendar year for the next year’s dues.

  1. Active Membership: Active members include physicians, epidemiologists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, social scientists and other professionals at the Masters or Doctoral level as well as those individuals with professional equivalence who have been actively engaged in the research or clinical aspects of psycho-oncology. Active members shall pay full dues, have the right to vote and are eligible for election to office in the Society.
  2. Associate membership: Any individual that demonstrates an interest in psycho-oncology may join as an Associate, nonvoting member upon submission of an application and payment of annual dues as established by the Board of Directors. Associate members shall not have voting privileges and shall not be eligible for election to office, but shall otherwise receive the tangible benefits of membership in IPOS, as may be established from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  3. Early Career professionals (ECPP): Any individual practicing but within three years of final training (years 2015 to 2018 of last year of training. Individuals where last year of training was 2014 or before need to become Active or Associate members)
  4. Members-in-Training (student) membership: Those in training to become physicians, epidemiologists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and social scientists are eligible for this membership category.


Active and Association Memberships:
  • $140 US for World Bank-classified High-income/OECD countries
  • $25 US for World Bank-classified Low- and Middle-income countries
ECPP and Members-in-Training:
  • $25 US
OPTIONAL TO IPOS MEMBERS – Discounted pricing on Journal/Publication Subscription: IPOS members are extended a discounted subscription rate on three publications. You have the option of selecting each/all while joining/renewing.
Options are:
  • $88 (US): Psycho-Oncology 2018 Online only (12 issues)
  • $136 (US) Palliative and Supportive Care 2018 Online only (6 Issues)
  • $161 (US): Journal of Cancer Survivorship 2018 (4 Issues)
To join or renewal online, please go to http://www.karelo.com/register.php?BID=618&BT=10&Ev=17536. Visa, mastercard and Amex are accepted.

2017 IPOS Training Academy in Rwanda

On November 5-6 2017, the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) hosted the 2017 IPOS-WHO Training Academy in Kigali, Rwanda. Co-Chaired by Drs. Melissa Henry and Chioma Asuzu and Co-Sponsored by the World Health Organization, the Academy’s theme was “Cancer Prevention and Control in Africa”. Its goal was to train oncology healthcare professionals working in Africa to 1) better understand cultural, social, and psychological barriers to cancer prevention and control in Africa, and 2) address these barriers through evidenced-based programs.

Through its fundraising efforts, IPOS was able to provide scholarships to 37 professionals across the African continent to attend the Academy. Scholars found the Academy of high quality, impactful, and essential to their practice. “It was an honour to attend this Academy. It was very insightful, very relevant and it definitely was encouraging” “I would like to thank IPOS for this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to future trainings.” Scholars and Faculty of the Academy have formed a community of practice for continued capacity building on the continent.

Drs. Melissa Henry (left) and Chioma Asuzu (right), Co-Chairs of the 2017 IPOS-WHO Training Academy

Representatives of the African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer, the Rwanda Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization, presented strong Opening Statements on the central role of psycho-oncology in improving cancer outcomes and the need to include comprehensive cancer care in National Cancer Plans. “We need to come back to our roots”, says the Ministry of Health.

Co-Chairs Drs. Henry and Asuzu met with the Rwanda Minister of Health, the Ministry of Health Director of the Division of HIV and Non-Communicable Disease, and the Director of the National Cancer Unit. All expressed their desire to work with IPOS towards integrating psycho-oncology as part of the National Cancer Plan in Rwanda and its implementation across the country.

A special thanks to our donors and supporters who have contributed to the Academy’s success, as well as to the International Scientific Committee: Drs. Melissa Henry (Co-Chair), Chioma Asuzu (Co-Chair), Jimmie Holland, Maggie Watson, Mark Lazenby, Scott Nichols, and Philip Odiyo. Our warmest appreciation to our Academy Faculty for their time and dedication: Dr. Allison Applebaum, Dr. Margaret Barton-Burke, Dr. Akindele Olupelumi Adebiyi, Dr. Elizabeth Akin-Odanye, Dr. Chioma Asuzu, Dr. Francesca Gany, Dr. Melissa Henry, Dr. David Lounsbury, Sokhna Ndiaye, Dr. Scott Nichols, Dr. Christian Ntizimira, Phillip Odyio, Dr. B. Olutoye Ogunnorin.

We would also like to congratulate Dr. Chioma Asuzu for her new position on the AORTIC Board, as AORTIC Vice-President for West-Africa.

As expressed by Dr. Jimmie Holland in her Opening Address, “The social and psychological problems of cancer will soon take their rightful place in the curriculum for health care and a healthier Africa.”

Thank you for your continued support as we move our agenda forward in LMIC countries.

Below is a photo gallery of the academy. Thanks to all the participants for submitting photos.

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