Endorsements By Individuals

Endorsements By Individuals

The following people have endorsed the standard that psychosocial support should be integrated into cancer care as a universal human right and that distress should be measured as the 6th vital sign. If you’d like to join this list please email [email protected].


Michelle Finger

Daisuke Fujisawa

Luzia Travado

Gonda Hervaud

William Breitbart, MD

Nathan Cherny

Stephen Connor

James J. Amos, MD

John Markowitz, MD

Francis Keefe, PhD

Charles E. Schwartz, MD

Henrique Ribeiro

Rebecca Shelby

Marjaneh Rouhani

Barbara Lubrano di Ciccone

Miguel Julião, MD, MSc, PhD

Shu-Ting Zhuang

Dr Irene Higginson

Gary Rodin

Linda Kristjanson

Lori Wiener

Tirso Ventura Faci

Anna Costantini

Barry D Bultz

Charles F. von Gunten

Virgilio Kasprzykowski, MD, IFAPA

Sarah Kelleher

Michael Hoyt

Ira Byock

Elisabeth Andritsch

Maria Die Trill

Kenneth Gorfinkle, PhD

Adline Warwick Thompson

Cristiane Decat Bergerot, PhD

Nick Hulbert-Williams

Brenda Clasquin

Mohammad ElShami

Evgeniya Kharchenko

Ricardo Valtierra

Chloe Martin